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Shahin Najafi - Tamam تمام - شاهین نجفی

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Buy: (Lyrics and Translation) Apple Music: (Sep 17, 2020) Spotify: (Sep 17, 2020) Instagram: Facebook: --- Music, Lyrics, Guitar & Setar: Shahin Najafi Back Vocals: Leili Bazargan Strings: Pedram Shahlai Cover: Mohammad Rahmani Translation: Nick Rastin Producer: Leili Bazargan Dyaloge Limited --- It's over! Again at your cheek dimple, like a war trench! On your lips’ borderline... I want the deep night-invasion into your hair! For Imam’s sake, don’t say it’s over! I’m the martyr in “Karbala-X” of your voice (2) I’m the POW of your eyes’ “Ba’athist” coquetry (3) I’m the defender of your...
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